Jun 18, 2008

YUI Live

[perf] YUI - It's Happy Line [Live At Budokan Premium Edition]

[perf] YUI - Life [Live At Budokan Premium Edition]

[perf] YUI - Love & Truth [Live At Budokan Premium Edition]

[perf] YUI - Ruido + JAM [Live At Budokan Premium Edition]

[perf] YUI - Tokyo [Live At Budokan Premium Edition]

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm one of the owners and uploaders on Popsicalove (http://community.livejournal.com/popsicalove/).

It has come to my attention that the Yui [Live At Budokan Premium Edition] performances you've posted here have been directly hotlinked from our community. I was just briefly browsing when I noticed this, so I don't know if this is all you have hotlinked from our community (or others). I'm asking you to take down the links or at least link credit us (that is, state that we are the ones who uploaded the files with FULL LINKED CREDITS). We spend a lot of time uploading files for our members, and it is really plain rude to claim them as yours. Either upload them yourself, or link credit us for uploading it.

If you have hotlinked any of our other files, I expect them to be dealt with as well. Please email me back within 7 days at perfectionisimpossible[at]gmail[dot]com when you have done something about this and I will not mention this matter again.